Lateral Root Development (LRD)

LRI-Thumbnail webIn Arabidopsis thaliana, Lateral Root Initiation (LRI) is hallmarked by coordinated asymmetric divisions in adjacent xylem pole pericycle cells. Similar to many developmental processes, it is strongly regulated by the plant hormone auxin.


A major advantage over other processes is that LRI can be manipulated easily, which allowed us to design a lateral root-inducible system (Himanen et al., 2002). Genome-wide analyses of transcriptional changes upon this synchronized induction of lateral roots resulted in the elucidation of some crucial aspects of LRI (Himanen et al., 2004 – Cell cycle; Vanneste et al., 2005 – SLR/IAA14; De Smet et al., 2008 – ACR4; De Rybel et al., 2010 – GATA23; De Rybel, Audenaert et al. 2012). A tool allowing to combine these datasets into a versatile compendium has been developed (Parizot et al., 2010) and allowed the selection of new candidate genes for the LRI. These datasets were also made available in the eFP browser online tool: LRI eFP browser.
LRI-Péret-2009-Fig-2  webLateral root priming occurs in the basal meristem. Schematic overview of the different root tissues (a) and the auxin signaling maximum present (b) as reported by the DR5::GUS marker line (De Smet et al., 2007). The regularly spaced auxin accumulation sites in the protoxylem primes the adjacent pericycle cells to become pericycle founder cells (Péret et al., 2009).
LRI-De-Rybel-2008-Curr-Bio-Fig-5 webSchematic representation of the auxin signaling modules acting successively during lateral root founder cell specification in the basal meristem (module 1) and nuclear migration and lateral root initiation processes (modules 2 and 3). As a consequence of module 1, GATA23 is hypothesized to be involved in the determination of founder cell identity in the xylem pole pericycle cells (De Rybel et al., 2010).
LRI-Péret-2009-Fig-3  webEarly events during lateral root initiation. Local auxin accumulation in primed xylem pole pericycle cells activates the auxin signaling cascade. Auxin causes the degradation of IAA14, thereby de-repressing ARF7 and 19 and activating downstream gene expression. The receptor-like kinase ACR4 promotes formative divisions in the primordium and represses cell divisions in surrounding pericycle cells (De Smet et al., 2008). Abbreviation: LOB, LATERAL ORGAN BOUNDARIES (Péret et al., 2009).
LRI-GATA23-Expression webGATA23 expression analysis. Section through a stage I lateral root primordium showing pGATA23::GUS expression at one side of the xylem pole pericycle (XPP). Asterisks and arrowheads indicate phloem pole and XPP cells, respectively (De Rybel et al., 2010).



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