LRD Transcriptomics

LRI Tr-Thumbnail-WebLRI datasets were compiled and integrated in the eFP browser online tool.

Genome-wide analyses of transcriptional changes upon this synchronized induction of lateral roots resulted in the elucidation of some crucial aspects of LRI (Himanen et al., 2004 – Cell cycle; Vanneste et al., 2005 – SLR/IAA14; De Smet et al., 2008 – ACR4; De Rybel et al., 2010 – GATA23; De Rybel, Audenaert et al. 2012). A tool allowing to combine these datasets into a versatile compendium has been developed (Parizot et al., 2010) and allowed the selection of new candidate genes for the LRI. These datasets were also made available in the eFP browser online tool: LRI eFP browser

LRI datasets compendium

Here is a snapshot of the relative expression of GATA23 in these experiments (low expression values are masked in grey).

 LRI Tr-efp-dpPhDM-GATA23-Rel