FACS_gfpGeneral information and technical specificities about the EPICS ALTRA Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)

machine. This system allows rapid separation of large numbers of specific cell populations from protoplasted tissues with high purity, recovery and yield.
The EPICS ALTRA flow cytometer is a powerful and flexible cell sorter from Beckman Coulter. This high-performance instrument is a powerful tool for innovation in immunobiology, cell physiology, molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, water quality and plant cell analysis.

altraThe standard ALTRA System allows rapid separation of large numbers of specific cell populations with high purity, recovery and yield. Sorting at data rates up to 10,000 cells per second (with air-cooled lasers) and up to 15,000 cells per second (with water-cooled lasers) is possible. The system features eight sort modes. Four modes optimize between purity and yield for two sorted populations, including one special enrichment mode. Three feature the new ALTRASort™ mixed-mode that isolates a high purity population to the left and captures the remainder of the same population to the right.

This is ideal when working with rare or precious populations. The AccuSort™ mode is for accurate counting when sorting individual cells for cloning with the Autoclone® sorting option or for sort matrix verification.

Extremely versatile, the ALTRA Cell Sorting System is based on an industry-standard optical platform with an extensive range of laser options, allowing almost any combination of excitation wavelengths. This user-configurable optical design provides unmatched flexibility to satisfy cutting-edge applications.